The Ray of Amethyst Pendant

An abstracted image from the painted churches of Schulenburg, Texas is photo etched on copper and serves as the backdrop fo this new pendant.  While Sterling Silver highlights the deep purple Amethyst, the stone of protection that captures the light.  2″ long x 1″ wide.  Buy it here: The Ray of Amethyst Pendant




Gothic Rose Earrings

Breathtaking, awe inspiring and sometimes didactic, stained glass windows hold a special place in my heart.  Medieval and Gothic art was the very first Art History course and the fixture of silica and sand still fascinates my to this day.  Our new NEC pretties are an experiment of light and shade with photo etched brass, interior cut-outs and inlaid Sterling Silver plus Sterling Silver findings. Buy them here: Gothic Rose Earrings


Tree of Life Pendant

In this new year, with the glorious possibilities of greater expansion, creation, wisdom and divinity, the tree of life can be found in many cultures – Native American,  Egyptian, Celtic, Mesopotamian, and many more. Our new handmade pendant joins the femininity of Sterling Silver with photo etched Copper for healing energy.  The symbol was found in the painted churches of Schulenburg, Texas.  The pendant is 1.25″ tall x .75: wide. Buy it here: Tree of Life Pendant


Crescent and Star Hoop Earrings

The waxing and waning moon and crisp cold nights – it is January where the dusting of snow can create a magical fairyland.  Our new pretties remind me of winter, expansive cobalt skies and twinkling stars. Brass (for abundance) joins Sterling Silver (for feminine energy) findings and ear wires.  1-1/8″ long and 1.25″ tall. Buy them here: Crescent and Star Hoop Earrings


Prosperity Moss Agate Pendant

Hoping that your 2018 is peaceful, joy filled and yes, prosperous! Our new NanEdwards creation brings together two new elements for the collection – photo etched metal with gemstones.  Brass graced with the image of a vintage monument joins riveted Sterling Silver and serves as the setting and backdrop for an NEC favorite –  Moss Agate, the stone of prosperity. The trio rest on a Sterling chain. Buy it here: Prosperity Moss Agate Pendant


Rennie’s Rose Earrings

The Scottish designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh known for his spare abstract designs and floral motifs influenced Art Nouveau and early modernism.  In homage to his designs are our latest creations – hand made etched and antiqued copper plaques with prominent roses.  These abstract floral designs join Sterling Silver ear wires and Art Deco gold filled watch findings. Buy them here:  Rennie’s Rose Earrings


Alice’s Looking Glass Earrings

Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking glass is a fantastical land where everything is topsy-turvy.  The concept that all is not what it seems is apropos not only for our time period but our new jewelry design.    Here, hand blown Early 20th-Century English glass is gently held in place by the exacting tension between copper disk and Sterling Silver that also serve as the ear wires. Buy them here: Alice’s Looking Glass Earrings




Points of Light Earrings

Window and doorways  – new ways of seeing and being….and the journey of Metalsmithing continues with rivets incorporated into NEC designs.  Beginning with a Galveston Texas stained glass window, the photo was edited in Adobe Photoshop, transferred and then etched into Copper (for healing energy).  Two sections include riveted Sterling Silver (for feminine energy) inlay.  Sterling Silver ear wires complete these new earrings and all are hand antique and finished.  Buy them here: Points of Light Earrings


Calling All Angels Pendant


Symbols of strength and guardianship, angels play an important role in the great religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.  Our new pendant is an ancient Roman coin from the Byzantine era circa 364-378 ad during the reign of Valentinian the Great. Striding forward or caught in mid flight, this angel carries a laurel wreath of victory and heads boldly into the future. This Roman angel is now housed in a handmade Sterling Silver setting and chain.  Buy it here:   Calling All Angels Pendant


Opal’s Ingenuity Earrings


Comma shaped these lovely gemstones provide us a “break” much as a comma in a sentence to consider where in our lives the attributes of creativity and courage need to be enriched and nourished. Lightly textured and handmade Sterling Silver settings and ear wires provide the backdrop to these unique Peruvian Opals.  Buy them here:  Opal’s Ingenuity Earrings