Gulf Coast Rosie, Part 2…

Happy to share with you the second stage of creating the final bracelet – etched Gulf Coast Rosie! It was challenging to balance the subtle sandy ground (literal sand paper) with the crepe myrtle blossoms and Rosie herself. After creating many versions, sweet success! Below are the images in process: blue Press and Peel paper, blue paper iron-on and the etched plates.  Stay tuned for Part 3!




Gulf Coast Rosie, Part 1…

As I continue to integrate my photographic practice into my jewelry making, I had an epiphany-pairing etched brass with the copper bracelet base.  An interpretation of stained glass windows into wearable art.  While in Galveston, I happened upon this thoughtful statue and nicknamed her Rosie. Through the wizardry of Photoshop, I cut-out the crepe myrtle she holds in her left hand, copied, scaled and created a Warhol like design around her.  Below are my original photo, bracelet design and desaturated color version ready to print. Stay tuned for Part 2.


Did You Say? Earring Giveaway?

It’s that time –a NanEdwardsCollection Earring giveaway!  Art Deco Chartreuse green molded glass joins Mid-Century Rhinestone findings, clear faceted Czech 1950s glass and handmade Sterling Silver ear wires.  2.25″ long and light as a feather. Like the Facebook page, post and share!   Winner announced Friday, Sept. 23rd. Click here to winNanEdwardsCollection Facebook Page




The Roman “K” Coin Necklace

The Romans were known for inventing many things including bound books, newspapers, concrete, and highways systems. They were one of the first societies to place building facades and portraits on coinage.  Our new design is an antique Byzantine letter “K” coin set in a handmade Sterling Silver setting aftfully placed on its side.  Adding a little contrast to this to the rough hewn coin is a gold filled Art Deco watch chain link gliding along on Sterling Silver chain and findings. Buy it here: Roman K Coin Necklace


The Emerald City Earrings

There’s no place like home!  And there’s nothing we like better then Emerald (for opening and nurturing the heart) or Ruby earrings! This week’s pretties are Sterling Silver set faceted Emeralds skipping along the yellow brick road with Mid-century Rhinestone findings and handmade Sterling Silver ear wires.  Buy them here: The Emerald City Earrings


Joan of Arc Pendant Necklace

During the Great War to end all wars, World War I, the battle of Verdun was one fraught with great loss. This new NanEdwardsCollection neckace is a brass antique WWI medal joined by Art Deco Diamond shaped links and Amethyst (for protection and divine guidance).  Recto is Joan of Arc, heroine during 100 years war, burned at the stake and later canonized as a Roman Catholic saint. On verso is a medieval castle, a stronghold and the text Verdun, 21 Fevrier 1916.   There are times when our convictions necessitate that we take up the mantle through sword, word and deed.  “On ne passe pas,” You will not pass!  Buy it here:  Joan of Arc Pendant Necklace




Ruby’s Rhinestone Earrings

Claret, crimson,  vermilion are all ways to describe the hue of Ruber the Latin term for the gorgeous gem, Ruby (for passion, protection and prosperity). These new NanEdwardsCollection Sterling Silver set Rubies are joined by vintage marquis shaped Mid-Century Rhinestone findings and handmade Sterling Silver ear wires.   Buy them here: Ruby Rhinestone Earrings




Train Your Dragon Onyx Earrings

Not to worry these Asian inspired dragons (for power, strength and good luck) are far from unruly! Mid-century 1950’s enameled  Brass  joins handmade Sterling Silver set green Onyx (for the Heart Chakra and support in challenging times ) with Sterling Silver ear wires. All the fun without the fire!   Buy them here: Train Your Dragon Onyx Earrings



Memori Cuffs – Geometric and Floral

Photos as wearable art. On my weekend jaunts, photographing here and there – seeking artifacts for my digital collages, I am also discovering new ways to incorporate my images of stained glass windows, monuments, architectural artifacts, painted ceilings and more into my copper cuffs and bracelets. These images are redesigned in Photoshop, chemistry added, hand finished, antiqued and shazam we have etched copper cuffs and bracelets. Buy them here:Memori Bracelets and Cuffs