Center Point Earrings

Findings one’s balance, one’s center is the theme of these new NEC earrings! Photoetched brass (abundance), an image from an African work of art in North Carolina joins the feminine energy of Sterling Silver to create a one of a kind hand made earrings. Buy them here: Center Point Earrings



Kyanite Goddess Necklace

Kyanite is the stone of communication, connecting mind with heart and healing of relationships.  She is the centerpiece of our new necklace, Sterling Silver set within a petite (just 1.5″ long and .75″ tall) Brass dome.  A reference to Gaia the photo etched brass backdrop contains an image from iron work in the Crescent City, New Orleans. Buy it here: Kyanite Goddess Necklace


Sand and Sea Pendant

Our new pendant is reminiscent of walks on the beach as the cerulean blue water laps at your feet, sand squishing between your toes. Here there are a trove of seashells as far as the eye can see.   The necklace includes three patinated blue/green copper, lightly textured brass and photo etched brass, an image from a turn of the century home all dance to and fro on a Sterling Silver chain and findings.  Buy it here: Sand and Sea Pendant





Gates of Spring Earrings

With all of her floral swag, spring enters in with beauty and grace promising renewal and new beginnings.  Our new pretty gives a nod to this season and the past.  Handmade photo etched copper, an image from iron work in the French Quarter of New Orleans, sways to and fro with handmade Sterling Silver ovals and and ear wires – gently antiqued. Buy here: Gates of Spring Earrings



Wings of Light Pendant

“Feet, what do I need you when I have wings to fly,” Friday Kahlo. Our new pendant embraces this idea of flying–following your dreams.  The brass etched image from a photo shoot in Galveston, Texas includes subtle cutouts inviting the “light” of Sterling Silver (Feminine energy) to shine through.  Sterling Silver chain and findings complete the ensemble. Buy it here:Wings of Light Pendant


Abstracted Copper Hoop Earrings

I love the practicality and flexibility of hoop earrings. Our new pretties create a variation on this theme. An abstracted photo etched image from the painted churches of Schulenburg, Texas carves a subtle shape on the bold Copper band while Silver ear wires add the finishing touches.  Measurements: 1.5″ tall x 1″ long x .5″ wide. Buy them here: Abstracted Copper Hoop Earrings


Gothic Rose Earrings

Breathtaking, awe inspiring and sometimes didactic, stained glass windows hold a special place in my heart.  Medieval and Gothic art was the very first Art History course and the fixture of silica and sand still fascinates my to this day.  Our new NEC pretties are an experiment of light and shade with photo etched brass, interior cut-outs and inlaid Sterling Silver plus Sterling Silver findings. Buy them here: Gothic Rose Earrings


Tree of Life Pendant

In this new year, with the glorious possibilities of greater expansion, creation, wisdom and divinity, the tree of life can be found in many cultures – Native American,  Egyptian, Celtic, Mesopotamian, and many more. Our new handmade pendant joins the femininity of Sterling Silver with photo etched Copper for healing energy.  The symbol was found in the painted churches of Schulenburg, Texas.  The pendant is 1.25″ tall x .75: wide. Buy it here: Tree of Life Pendant