Cinnabar Summer Necklace

In ancient times Cinnabar (Vermilion) decorated Mayan’s burial chambers, Roman’s painted their statues with it, and the Chinese used it in their inks and famous red lacquers (China Red).  It was in cosmetics and candy!  Problem? It contains Mercury! Thankfully modern cinnabar jewelry is not toxic. Rather is it carved and laquered wood or an impression is made into the lacquer that evokes the allure of the Orient. Here an Art Deco repurposed brooch/pin with a Chrysanthemum  design (symbolic of a life of ease and good luck) joins with Onyx (for helpful decision making and intuition) on Sterling chain and findings.







2 thoughts on “Cinnabar Summer Necklace

  1. Mercury! Yikes! So glad I live in modern times where science has given us the knowledge to keep from using harmful materials. Lovely piece. You can never go wrong with a little red. 🙂

  2. I know isn’t that crazy particularly the coloring for candies! Then again that is why the mad hatter is “mad,” glue in the construction process contained Mercury! Really like your site very colorful and engaging! Saw your profile – I teach college art during the day! :0)

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