The Gothic Eye Earrings

Inspired by the painted churches of Schulenberg, Texas, our new “all-seeing eye” earrings are photo etched copper with Sterling Silver findings and handmade ear wires.  Sometimes called the “eye of providence” this symbol can be be found on the verso of the American dollar bill, in Christian symbolism, the Mexican ojo de vendado and discussed in Buddhist texts and Egyptian hieroglyphs.  Buy them here: The Gothic Eye Earrings




The Alluring Amethyst Pendant

With a nod to Art Deco, I sought to create a minimal backdrop that enhanced the beauty of this gemstone.  Amethyst the stone of spiritual awareness and awakening includes just a pinch of Citrine (Ametrine for releasing negativity) in a handmade, textured and finished Sterling Silver tab setting and findings.  Joining the pair is antique hand cut Austrian glass.  Buy it here:The Alluring Amethyst Pendant