Points of Light Earrings

Window and doorways  – new ways of seeing and being….and the journey of Metalsmithing continues with rivets incorporated into NEC designs.  Beginning with a Galveston Texas stained glass window, the photo was edited in Adobe Photoshop, transferred and then etched into Copper (for healing energy).  Two sections include riveted Sterling Silver (for feminine energy) inlay.  Sterling Silver ear wires complete these new earrings and all are hand antique and finished.  Buy them here: Points of Light Earrings



Calling All Angels Pendant


Symbols of strength and guardianship, angels play an important role in the great religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.  Our new pendant is an ancient Roman coin from the Byzantine era circa 364-378 ad during the reign of Valentinian the Great. Striding forward or caught in mid flight, this angel carries a laurel wreath of victory and heads boldly into the future. This Roman angel is now housed in a handmade Sterling Silver setting and chain.  Buy it here:   Calling All Angels Pendant


Copper + Jade Earring Giveaway!

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So excited to be able to offer this latest giveaway!  Fresh off the bench are Handmade and antiqued copper (for healing energy) diamonds joining Jade, (which blesses whatever it touches) handmade Sterling Silver (feminine energy) findings and 1950s Czech glass.  Wowza!   2″ long x .25 wide and light as a feather.  Winner announced Saturday, May 20th!



Train Your Dragon Onyx Earrings

Not to worry these Asian inspired dragons (for power, strength and good luck) are far from unruly! Mid-century 1950’s enameled  Brass  joins handmade Sterling Silver set green Onyx (for the Heart Chakra and support in challenging times ) with Sterling Silver ear wires. All the fun without the fire!   Buy them here: Train Your Dragon Onyx Earrings



The Aphrodite Labradorite Necklace

Aphrodite the ancient Greek goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus in Roman lore, is perhaps most famously represented in Botticelli’s Birth of Venus.  She bridges the material and spiritual planes and is wonderful reminder that Love, Light and Grace is exactly what we need in these challenging times.  Labradorite is the stone of awareness, inspiration and knowledge.  Set in Sterling Silver, this lovely pendant joins vintage Mid-century Swarovski finding on Sterling Chain and clasp. Buy it here: The Aphrodite Labradorite Necklace




NanEdwardsCollection Studio

Let me introduce my new work space for Metalsmithing and jewelry design.  The beauty of this 1920s oak writing desk was concealed in several layers of paint and it was an arduous task to transform it back to what it once may have been.  The table’s mate, the industrial chair is also from the Deco era.  The 1940s cast iron lamp was my first attempt at a rewiring project- success! As I sit at this table contemplating, sketching, or soldering the next design this is my view. That’s Lizzie, the patio poser…enjoying the day! And so with saw, torches and hammers in hand…onward to amazing new NEC jewelry designs!








Daisy’s Ruby Earrings

Rubies were known as the “stone of kings” in ancient times, revered by ancient Hindus and adorned Dorothy’s slippers in the Wizard of Oz. With that kind of history who can say no to Rubies? Our new earrings join these timeless pretties with sweet midcentury findings.  Vintage daisy (for purity, joy and innocence) clasps with tiny glass Pearls and vintage Rhinestones join faceted Red Rubies (for passion, Love and strengthening the heart) set in Sterling Silver and handmade Sterling Silver ear wires.  Buy them here: Daisy’s Ruby Red Earrings


Roman Around Coin Necklace

Our friends the ancient Roman were innovators for many firsts- concrete, welfare, bound books and newspapers. The Roman manufacture of coins may have first occurred at the temple of Juno Moneta, and hence she became the personification of money and origin of the word “mint.”  And my metalsmithing adventure continues…this ancient bronze coin dating between 500-27bce seems to depict an ancient god or goddess, an archer?  The free form handmade Sterling Silver setting mimics the coin’s shape and the handmade nature of coins from that era.  This little gem is joined with Sterling Silver chain and findings.  Setting for the other 3 coins are in process.  Buy this necklace here: Roman Around Coin Necklace