Meander and Magnolia Memori Bracelets

Welcome to two new NanEdwardsCollection Memori copper (for healing energy) bracelets where geometric architecture meets organic fleeting beauty.  The Meander is an ancient Greek symbol of infinity or the eternal flow of things while the Magnolia flowers meaning evokes nobility, perseverance and love of nature.  The Magnolia bracelet includes subtle undulating edges.  Buy them here: Memori Magnolia    Memori Meander





Hoop Hoop Hooray!

NanEdwardCollection would like to introduces hoop earrings.  These are hand made photo etched copper earrings inspired by the stained glass windows — the painted churches of Schulenberg, Texas. Joining the antiqued copper (for healing energy) are Sterling Silver (symbolic of the  moon and feminine energy ) ear wires! Interested in a different sized hoop, please convo me.  Buy them here: Hoop Hoop Hooray Earrings




Dawn of Agate Earrings

Dendritic Agate is ideal for examination of self, and the self-imposed limitations –all change begins within. Symmetrical in overall design and asymmetrical in each stone’s matrix, they are Sterling Silver set. These gorgeous gemstones  join 1920s Art Deco frosty white Czech glass and handmade Sterling Silver ear wires. Buy them here:Dawn of Agate Earrings



Tree of Life Earrings

Whether it be ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, or the great religions of Judaism, Islam or Christianity, the tree of knowledge is one that evokes creation, wisdom and divinity.  Our new earrings utilize this beautiful symbol found in the painted churches of Schulenburg, Texas.  Transformed into one of a kind earrings, they are photo etched copper (for healing energy) joining handmade Sterling Silver ear wires (symbolic of feminine energy). Buy them here: Tree of Life Earrings

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Dancing in the Moonstone Light

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to dance and shine our Light!  Faceted Rainbow Moonstones (for creativity, compassion, endurance and self-confidence) are Sterling Silver set joining wire wrapped Mid-Century Amethyst glass with original bead caps.  A new ear wire design from our studio completes this lovely pair.  Buy them here:  Dancing in the Moonstone Light Earrings


ElectroDeco Memori Bracelet

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Happy 2017! This new pretty was inspired by the Galveston Electric Company signage and architectural ornament below it.  Those swags and swirls caught my eye and vision became wearable art.  The dabbing block provided new opportunities to play with texture and metal paint gave it the extra “pop” of color.  Oh my Turquoise!   Buy it here: ElectroDeco Memori Bracelet





NanEdwardsCollection Giveaway!

Its the last giveaway of 2016!  This is a Midcentury Italian Micromosaic pendant with gold-filled setting and chain.   She is joined by vintage turquoise glass and blue/green Apatite gemstone for (inspiration).   How to win?  Like the our Facebook page:  NanEdwardsCollection   Like the post and share!

Winner announced Friday, December 16th!  Happy Holidays!